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Welcome to David St. Albans' Art, Literature and Graphics Studio. David St. Albans is a multi-talented individual, a published author,Editor, fine artist, graphic artist, illustrator, poet, actor, screen and stage writer and director. These pages will show examples of all these skill sets.

On this web site I will include examples of of my artworks past and present, as well as some personal photos, a biography, links to my blogs, and descriptions of my various writings. I will give some information about how to contract with my studio for work you might want to have done. I may occasionally offer items for sale or trade. If you see something you like and want more information about it, feel free to write me at:

The front cover I did for the book I recently edited for author Joaquin Renero. it is called "The Enchanted Scrapbook. Out now from

This is the cover of my fantasty novel about the life, death and undeath of the world's most famous vampire! Vlad Dracula! Available now from in soft or hard cover! Please read excerpts of the novel at my blogsite
This book took fifteen years to write and is now in rewrite. It is so full of true history it has been listed in libraries under Romanian History, rather than fiction! This is the seminal work on the life and transformation of Vlad Draculya into Count Dracula!

The second book by Joaquin Renero called Christmas Colors for which I designed the covers and did the full editing and rewrite. Out now from
The Book of Quetzalcoatl by Richard Kimball. I did the illustration for him. Richard is a writer and publisher and has used my illustrations for over thirty years now.
"I'm always looking for ways to help market my Illustrations, Fine Art Editing, Writing and Graphic Art services. Thumbtack is a great way for me to help me show off my expertise in quality editing, including, grammar, spelling, revisions, corrections, rewrites, blurbs, press releases, and proof reading. Check out my listing to learn even more about what I do!" with the words St. Albans' Editorial And Graphics Services linked to your Thumbtack profile."
Official site for St. Albans' Editorial and Graphics  Services.
Founded in 2010, my main service is the editing and re-writing of various
books for local authors. To date I have edited six books, four from local authors in the Phoenix area, and one from an author in Tennessee, and one from an author in Michigan. Of these five books I have designed the covers for two of them. All my authors seem to be highly appreciative of my work with them. References are available upon request.

I have been an editor of articles, newsletters, pamphlets and books for over thirty years. My prices are gauged to undercut the competition in the larger cities and the large publishing houses. Today the first thing a publisher wants to see is a book which doesn't need any polishing or editing. Publishers have become lazy and greedy, wanting to save money anyway they can. This means the authors usually have to pay for editing, public relations, marketing and other benefits that used to be provided by the publisher.

Most publishing houses offer editing at a rate of 2 to 3 cents per word. I offer my services for 1 to 1.5 cents per word depending on the merits and content of the work I am editing. I can also offer my services as a "pay-as-you-go contract so that an author doesn't have to pay a one lump sum.

I work by contract and each contract is tailored to the project at hand. I can accept PayPal payments, checks or money orders.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Grammar and Spell checking.
  • Revision and reconstruction.
  • Rewriting.
  • Ghost writing.
  • Proofreading/corrections.
  • Blurbs/Bios/Descriptions/Dedications.
  • Design of interiors with or w/out illustrations.
  • Layout, pagination, headers and footers.
  • Research, footnotes,annotations
  • Cover design (front and back) and flaps for hardcovers.
Many publishers today also want an author to have someone do a synoptic over-view of the work who is not involved with the author or the content of the book. Anything you as a client need in the way of editorial services, I can do it. I have even acted as a PR person and a press agent!

If you are in need of any of these services, write me at
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